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DLC Arts & Crafts is a passion project founded year 2019 by DL Capio.  It was created as a hobby, doing all DL´s comfort activity, to help her with homesickness and to prevent different kinds of mental distress during the hit of pandemic, COVID-19. It became a routine and  eventually, the means to finance her personal needs and expenses during her travel ventures across Europe. She was able to visit different towns and cities after her move from England to the Netherlands. And now, DLC Arts & Crafts is making a progress and continuously creating handmade, while settling for quite some time, in Spain (and the rest of the world).

Year 2023, DLC Arts & Crafts stepped out in faith and began to get involved in the community to celebrate the first year of launching its online shop. The mission is that every craft created and uploaded in this platform will be to support women affected by debilitating circumstances such as domestic abuse as well as homelessness or substance abuse, and to provide educational assistance to the underprivileged youth of the Philippines. Therefore, everytime you purchase handmade items from DLC Arts and Crafts, a percentage of the sale is being donated and a great help to the foundation and charity it supports.

For more information, commision request, and/or collaboration, you may email DLC at or by clicking the button below.

Thank you for all your support!

¨Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.¨
Proverbs 16:3 NIV


I am DL Capio

I am the founder and creator of DLC Arts & Crafts. I travel across Europe mostly for work. During my free time, you will see me doing crafts, designing a card on my laptop or writing a poem for a friend. These are just one of the many hobbies I enjoy doing.

This kind of hobby became a habit. So, I thought of selling the items I have created for a cause and that´s how DLC Arts and Crafts started. 

To know more about my works, go to my Journal Page where I tell my stories and passion about backpacking my crafts.

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